Lifehacker declares TypeIt4Me the winner

One of our customers has just kindly brought it to our attention that the good folk at Lifehacker have published a pretty comprehensive rundown of all the main text expansion apps currently available for the Mac. They looked at TypeIt4Me, Snippets, TextExpander and Typinator, comparing the pros and cons of each – and ultimately gave TypeIt4Me their seal of approval. We’re always keen to get some insight into users’ perspectives and The Mac Text Expansion Faceoff makes for interesting reading. Obviously we’re chuffed to bits that they declared TypeIt4Me their favourite. It’s always good to hear we’ve still got it after all these years :)

TypeIt4Me 5.0.6(33) released today

Hello. Today we released another update to TypeIt4Me – these are the release notes.

New or changed features:

  • Added ~ and ` to triggers in response to TappingBPP’s comment on US Mac App Store.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could potentially lead to saving clipping edits over contents of another abb.
  • Fixed crash when expanding in apps that don’t have the Edit menu.
  • Restored “Strip ‘s’ for plurals” functionality.
  • Restored showing of licensee name in About dialog.
  • Now handles adding esc and nbs when clicking All in the Triggers preference tab.

This version is waiting for review at Apple so it probably won’t show up in the Mac App Store for a few days yet. If you bought direct from the Ettore Software website, select ‘Check for updates’ to install the update.

Can I transfer an existing TypeIt4Me licence to the Mac App Store version?

Apple has not yet provided a way for developers to transfer existing licences to the Mac App Store. Our intention, for now, is to continue publishing TypeIt4Me both directly via our website and via the Mac App Store.

The only difference between the two versions is that one handles registrations and updates via Sparkle, while Apple handles those things for us in the Mac App Store version.

The version 5.0.5(30) update became available through our website six days before appearing on the Mac App Store.