TypeIt4Me. Making typing a breeze since 1990.

Let your Mac ti4y

Screenshot of TypeIt4Me, the original text expander for Mac

Have you ever wistfully sighed I wish my Mac could just type it for me while hunting and pecking at your keyboard? We have just the thing. First prototyped on a Macintosh SE/30 way back in 1989, TypeIt4Me – the original text expander for Mac – is exactly what you need. For over three decades TypeIt4Me has saved people time and keystrokes by ‘expanding’ shorthand abbreviations as they are typed, instantly replacing them with the full content they represent. Why not take it for a free spin?

I use TypeIt4Me every day continually. You are welcome to use that quote, since it is the truth.

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-founder

I’ve discovered that this program is absolutely great as far as writing is concerned. Having built my data file one word at a time, I can for the first time write as fast as I can think. Or, to type those two sentences with expansion turned off: iv dscvd ta th prg s absl gr afa wrig s ksnd. Vg blt my data file one word at a ti, i c f t first ti wri as fast as ic tq.

Hendrik Hertzberg
Author & Journalist

TypeIt4Me [is] an absolutely indispensable tool. Period. I find more uses and possibilities for it literally every day. In every application. Everything from standard expansion of plaintext abbreviations – to phrases, frequent quotes and information i need quickly- to insertion of images, rich type text, names of authors, artists, names,dates, and so much more. Truly, the only limit to TypeIt4Me is the limit of the user’s imagination. TypeIt4Me keeps getting better and better.

Bill Sienkiewicz
Bill Sienkiewicz
Author & Illustrator (Marvel, DC Comics et al.)

Thanks for making TypeIt4Me. Among my non-Apple software, your tiny application has consistently proven to be the biggest, best, most-used workhorse in my software arsenal. I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of keystrokes I’ve saved over 18 years — but I can wrap my head around how much stress I’ve avoided thanks to TypeIt4Me. TypeIt4Me is incredibly personal, yet universally helpful — Thanks, and Bravo!!!

Shoshona Perelman
Another happy customer