The latest TypeIt4Me Touch update has dropped. Activate all the sets!

TypeIt4Me Touch 3.5 running on an iPhone 12Hey, we’re back. How has it been over 4 months already since we last piped up with a newsflash? Guess we sometimes lose track of time when we’re busy toiling in the code mines. Anyway, in case you were wondering what we’ve been up to, we’ve just released a substantial TypeIt4Me Touch update. 

Along with the customary bug fixes and performance optimisations, TypeIt4Me Touch 3.5 introduces a handful of frequently requested new features. The first (and this one’s the biggie) is the ability to activate multiple sets of snippets, so you’re no longer limited to expanding snippets from a single set at a time. Now, it’s possible to keep your snippets organised in separate groups and still have as many of them simultaneously available at your fingertips as you need. Just flip the switch next to a set’s name or swipe right across the whole row to toggle it on or off.

Speaking of swiping, we also added support for a gesture that streamlines the process of changing a set’s name. If you swipe left on a set you’ll notice there’s a new “Rename” option next to the “Delete” button. All part of our ongoing quest to save you as many superfluous taps on the screen as possible.

But wait, where are you going? There’s more. Now that you can activate as many snippet sets as your ❤️ desires, we took the opportunity to supplement the app with some more (optional) pre-defined sets. These include common accented words, useful symbols, popular brand and technology names and over 900 emoji 😎. The emoji snippet abbreviations are in the :emoji_name: format commonly used on Slack and other platforms. You can of course change these to whatever memorable shortcuts you prefer.

Last but not least, those of you lucky enough to own an iPad get a bonus feature. When you open the tap-to-insert menu that lives above the note composition field in the iPadOS version, you’ll find it’s now equipped with a search filter. If you forget the exact abbreviation you defined, instead of scrolling through hundreds of snippets hunting for the one you can’t quite put your finger on, just punch in a couple of letters to narrow the list down and…bingo!

That’s all the news we can share for the time being. It’s been a chaotic year and some…stuff…has interrupted our normal working rhythm. We’re picking up speed again, though and as usual we have several irons in the fire. There are maintenance updates for TypeIt4Me and Juice! underway on the Mac side of things as well as a couple of other embryonic iOS side projects we’re doing for fun just to keep sane. We should have more to say about those in due course. In the meantime, be kind to yourselves, take care of each other and we’ll check in again with you soon. Ish. Soon-ish.

TypeIt4Me is 30 and version 6.3 is out now. Celebrate with a 30% off sale.

Season’s greetings! Good tidings we bring, to you and typing. We know you probably have a NYE Zoom party to log on to, but this will only take a minute. As we all prepare to put this torturously long year behind us and usher in 2021, we’re pleased to announce that a new TypeIt4Me version is available to download. Version 6.3 adds a handful of new features, fixes some bugs and has had a subtle makeover to match the new macOS 11 Big Sur aesthetic. It’s also a universal app that will run natively on both Intel Macs and the new M1 Apple silicon machines. Rosetta, begone! You can download TypeIt4Me 6.3 here.

TypeIt4Me 6.3 in action

Oh and one more thing.

Today is officially TypeIt4Me’s 30th birthday. At least, we’re fairly sure it is. We have a fuzzy memory of handing a 3.5” floppy disk containing the first official retail copy of TypeIt4Me 1.0 to a beaming, tank-topped machine code enthusiast at Riccardo’s amateur computer club in Brussels on New Year’s Eve, 1990. Pierre, if you’re out there, drop us a line!

Anyway, we won’t rehash the sentimental guff we came out with for TypeIt4Me’s quarter century milestone a while back. That said, it is remarkable that TypeIt4Me was originally conceived shortly before the Berlin Wall came down. 30 years later our little text expander that could has now endured for longer than the Iron Curtain divided East and West. Makes you think.

To celebrate TypeIt4Me’s 30th, we’re having a sale until January 30th. For 30 days, you can get 30% off TypeIt4Me user licences purchased from our site by entering the promotional code 30YEARS during checkout. Yay!

That’s all for now. Thanks once again for all your support, encouragement and constructive feedback over the decades. Here’s hoping 2021 proves to be a better year for everyone. Some of us will just be happy if we can still get hold of fresh fruit and vegetables – ideally without having to bribe a customs official to look the other way while we break into an impounded lorry in a Kent car park. That may sound like a low bar to clear, and yet

Word nerds, rejoice! Clambers has landed.

Hello again, friends. There’s a global disaster unfolding but the good news is we’re still here and we have something new to share with you. While Riccardo and I have been cooped up in our respective lockdown boltholes navigating the challenges of remote collaboration, we’ve somehow managed to cobble together a free-to-play word puzzle game for your entertainment – and it even works.

Clambers is a minimalist brain-teaser for iPhone and iPad in which the aim is to decipher scrambled words in the shortest possible time. You can play solo at your own pace for meditative purposes or compete with Game Centre friends and random opponents in quick-fire, turn-based contests. And that’s pretty much it.

2020, though, right? Yeah. Whatever interdimensional Lovecraftian chaos monster has been toying with us all for the past few years is laying it on a bit thick now. A significant part of the struggle to maintain good mental health in an intense weirdocalypse is not knowing what to do with oneself during prolonged periods of enforced downtime in isolation. If sometimes it all gets a bit too much to handle and you’re bouncing off the walls, an occasional distraction to occupy the mind and keep it narrowly focused on a simple task may be just the ticket. We think our latest offering could help calm those of you searching for a temporary reprieve from doomscrolling, even if only for a little while.

Maybe cabin fever is flooding your cerebral cortex with intrusive fight-or-flight impulses. Maybe you’ve run out of Friends episodes to rewatch. Maybe you’re standing, masked-up, in a winding queue a quarter of a mile long to get into a supermarket so you can stock up on rice and TP. We’ve found that Clambers can come to the rescue in such desperate scenarios. Dip into it when you need something – anything – to stave off boredom, take your mind off your worries or satisfy a craving for a quick win. The serotonin hit and quiet sense of achievement to be enjoyed from rearranging ODRMESFE into FREEDOMS one letter at a time, 4 seconds faster than xXM3gam0ose99Xx managed to do it may surprise you. Also, if you’re anything like us, you’ll find that methodically dragging jumbled tiles to spell out words in a low-pressure competition with yourself can have an oddly soothing, therapeutic effect.

Clambers is absolutely free to download and play and there are no advertisements. We do live in a relentless, ultra-capitalist hellscape though, and we’ve got to eat. Hopefully, you won’t mind that we’ve included a few optional in-app purchases like hints, extra languages and unlockable levels for anyone who wants to kick things up a notch. Why not dive in and give it your best shot – we hope to bump into you in the leaderboards.  

Keep well and stay safe out there!