Summer is Coming

Hey, everyone.

It’s been a little while, already, hasn’t it? Somehow, time has flown past and the clouds have even parted to allow some sporadic sunshine through here in the UK. No, really! Anyway, we’ll keep this short, given that everyone is probably glued to the WWDC live stream right about now, hoping for a glimpse of Apple’s forthcoming face-mounted reality distortion field.

You may remember a while back we mentioned a hefty project that we hoped would be ready to share with you before long. Well, regretfully, we’ve had a few setbacks in the interim that have hampered development somewhat.

Due to events outside of our control – compounded by the occasional self-inflicted pain point we probably should have anticipated – we’re still not ready to take the wraps off The Thing We’re Working On. It’s mostly done, but not quite there just yet…and, uh, who would be so reckless as to buckle under pressure and rush something ambitious but half-baked out into the wild?

A Brief Update

Season’s greetings! Hope you’re safe and sound and getting along as best as you can out there, despite the perennial crises certain erratic overlords seem to enjoy visiting upon us. You may not have heard from us in a while, but rest assured, we’re alive and kicking.

We realise we’ve been super quiet on the public announcements front this past year and that some of you have been wondering what that means. Well, the simple fact is that we’ve been busier than we’ve ever been before. There just haven’t been any important developments that we’re ready to share with you in detail yet.

For the past 11 months or so we’ve been hard at work on a major project . While we’re enjoying the challenge, we’ve been so focused on it that some other commitments – like regular communications – have taken a back seat.

There’s still a lot to do, but the good news is this particular product has now reached an advanced stage in its development. With each passing week, it’s edging ever closer to being feature complete. We can’t say much more than that for now, as we don’t yet have a firm ETA for its grand unveiling.

The latest TypeIt4Me Touch update has dropped. Activate all the sets!

TypeIt4Me Touch 3.5 running on an iPhone 12

Hey, we’re back. How has it been over 4 months already since we last piped up with a newsflash? Guess we sometimes lose track of time when we’re busy toiling in the code mines. Anyway, in case you were wondering what we’ve been up to, we’ve just released a substantial TypeIt4Me Touch update. 

Along with the customary bug fixes and performance optimisations, TypeIt4Me Touch 3.5 introduces a handful of frequently requested new features. The first (and this one’s the biggie) is the ability to…