TypeIt4Me 6.0 is now available.

Hello again, good people of the macOSphere. The big day is finally at hand. TypeIt4Me 6.0 is at last available for everyone to download. Beyond the customary code tune-up, cosmetic tweaks and performance improvements, this major version release brings a number of heavily requested new features and user interface refinements. Some of the biggies include iCloud sync with TypeIt4Me Touch for iOS, a hotkey-summoned snippet search-and-insert window and the ability to activate an unlimited number of snippet sets simultaneously. For further details of what you can expect, see our overview of what’s new and changed in TypeIt4Me 6.0.

Screenshot of TypeIt4Me

We know many of you have been waiting on tenterhooks for this release for quite some time. To compensate for the unusually protracted development and delayed release of this latest version, we’ve decided to extend our usual 18-month free-of-charge update window by more than 6 months. We’re waiving the usual $8.99 major version upgrade fee for everyone who has purchased a full or upgrade TypeIt4Me licence directly from us since December 2015. Anyone in this camp can simply update the software and carry on using it as normal; the licence code will remain valid. We are also slashing 60% off the price of single-user, five-user and ten-user licences for a very limited time, so if you’re a new customer, act fast and you can grab a TypeIt4Me 6.0 licence for just $8.

If you’ve purchased the Mac App Store version of TypeIt4Me within the last two years and you’d like to migrate to our direct sale app, we’re happy to upgrade you for free. Simply email your receipt from Apple to our support address as proof of purchase and we’ll send you a new licence code for TypeIt4Me 6.0.

Once again, we’d like to extend our grateful thanks to all the volunteer beta testers who’ve taken the time to help us whip TypeIt4Me 6.0 into shape over the last several months. Your efforts are much appreciated and you’ve made a vital contribution towards delivering a stable, more polished app. Thanks also to everyone who has continued to support us over the years by purchasing our apps and thereby encouraging us to continue developing our software.

That’s all from us for now. Time to adjourn to the living room for some mulled wine by the fireplace. Hope you guys enjoy the update. Happy holidays!

– Guy & Riccardo

End of 2017: State of the Update

Season’s greetings! It’s been…quite a year, hasn’t it? Who knew that compulsively scanning the rolling TV news chyrons for signs of an imminent global thermonuclear conflict would prove to be such an exhausting habit? Existential dread aside, we thought we’d take a minute to let you know that we’re still here, limping towards 2018 – and we’ve kept busy throughout all the craziness.

We’re acutely aware that many of you are wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on TypeIt4Me 6.0. Well, there’s good news to report on that front, at least: it’s about to drop. There may have been a couple of false dawns along the way, but it’s coming very soon, for real this time. Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days.

Dad and I would like to thank you all for your extraordinary patience and understanding in what’s been a challenging time. The kind words of support, encouragement and helpful suggestions we’ve received mean a lot to us. As you may know, we had originally aimed to release TypeIt4Me 6.0 by the first quarter of 2017, but development setbacks, combined with a number of unexpected events outside our control eventually thwarted that ambition. As happens sometimes, we had to adjust our work schedule to deal with life and death matters.

It pains us to report that since you last heard from us in the spring of 2016 we’ve lost two members of our close family. This hit us pretty hard. Britain’s impending withdrawal from the European Union has also presented an ongoing distraction and something of a bureaucratic time sink for us; one that’s periodically diverted our attention away from the simple joys of tinkering with software. As Italian long term residents of London, dad and I have spent a substantial chunk of the last 12 months anxiously playing document ping pong with the Home Office in order to secure our immigration status, keep the family together and ensure we can continue trading in the UK beyond B-Day. Riccardo is due to be sworn in as a British citizen within the next few weeks. We’re working on his elocution in advance of the ceremony in the hope that he’ll be able to sing the national anthem without causing grave offence.

So. It’s been an intense period, to say the least. We just wanted to let you know where things stand and to dispel any notions that we might have been slacking off to binge on the latest Netflix pop culture sensation instead of delivering the goods (poor Whitey, though…). The upcoming TypeIt4Me 6.0 release may have taken longer than expected to get here, but its delayed arrival is part of a grand tradition of software deadline slippage to which even the bestest and brightest developers can attest. While TypeIt4Me 6.0 is no Red Dead Redemption 2, it does have lots of moving parts that interact with each other in often complex ways, so we thought it best to take the time to test thoroughly and make sure we got it right. Other factors then compounded the delay. Sorry! Rest assured, the wait is almost over. Keep the faith and look out for an official launch announcement to follow along shortly.

Peace and goodwill to all.


A Few Words on Pricing, or “What Doesn’t Go Up…”

Hello again. Riccardo and I are happy to report we’re making headway responding to our mountain of emails. Last week it was big enough to blot out the sun, but now there’s just a partial eclipse. Thanks for bearing with us. If we haven’t answered your question yet, rest assured, we are closing in on it.

Pricey fruit

There’s a common refrain that’s cropped up a lot in the flurry of inquiries we’ve received this past fortnight. Many are hoping that, in light of recent developments, we might be tempted to offer a special low price as an incentive for disenchanted TextExpander users to switch to TypeIt4Me.

We don’t mind being asked; dad and I enjoy a good haggle from time to time and we are sympathetic to the plight of anyone who can’t afford the new monthly subscription for Smile’s TE6. That said, we hope you’ll understand we just had a month-long 75% off promotion in January to mark TypeIt4Me’s 25th birthday, so we’ve no plans to drop the price again for a while. As a rule, we reserve flash sales for celebrating milestones or special occasions. To be first to know about the next one, you could sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

In response to our stance, some interested parties have floated the idea that to get around holding another sale so soon we could instead offer a temporary exclusive discount to TextExpander émigrés. We briefly considered something along those lines, but ultimately decided against it because it felt a little too predatory. We also didn’t want to unfairly discriminate against ‘regular’ customers who are new to the text expansion game.

Right now, leaving TypeIt4Me’s price unchanged seems like the right thing to do. We don’t want to hustle anyone into snapping up a special time-limited bargain while feelings are still running high, in case people later regret a hasty purchase. It’s long been our position that we’d rather not take anyone’s money until they’re really sure they want to commit to TypeIt4Me. You have a whole month to try it for free, guys: take your time and weigh up your options. If you like it and it saves you lots of keystrokes, we’d greatly appreciate a twenty dollar vote of confidence to encourage its continued development. We feel that at $19.99 TypeIt4Me represents decent value for money, and that it remains fairly priced in view of all the late nights and weekends we devote to supporting it.

…Wow, this has gone on a bit – sorry! We’ll wrap things up for now, but not before saying a very grateful hello and thanks to all the enthusiastic new customers who’ve just discovered us. Thanks, too, to all the loyal TypeIt4Me users who’ve stuck with us throughout the years. We really appreciate your kind words. It tickled us when a long-time fan informed us recently that according to her statistics our app has so far saved her over 12 hours of 2-finger typing – or as she put it: “almost enough time to binge-watch an entire series of Daredevil.” That’s what we like to hear. May TypeIt4Me free up lots more time for you to spend curled up with your loved ones watching a noble underdog in spandex pummel scary ninjas :)