Application Downloads

Download the latest version of TypeIt4Me, or a legacy version to run on older macOS systems.


For macOS 10.15 – 11.2:

TypeIt4Me 6.3.x installer (33.4MB)


For macOS 10.9 – 10.14:

TypeIt4Me 6.2.2 installer (23.7MB)

TypeIt4Me 5.5.3 installer (17.89MB)


For macOS 10.7 – 10.8:
TypeIt4Me 5.4.0 installer  (21.2MB)


For macOS 10.5 – 10.6:
TypeIt4Me 5.2.1 installer  (17MB)


For macOS 10.4 and older:
TypeIt4Me 4.2.1 installer  (8MB)

Please note: we only officially support recent versions of the software, i.e. 5.4.11 and later. We continue to make older versions available to download here as a courtesy to anyone still using a cherished antique Mac. If you run into problems with bugs in these obsolete versions, we may be unable to help you.

Press Kit

Planning to write something about TypeIt4Me? Grab a press kit here. It contains screenshots, app icons and general information.


TypeIt4Me Press Kit (14.6 MB)

User Guides

Want to thumb through the instruction manual? Download a printable TypeIt4Me reference guide in PDF format and peruse it at your leisure.


TypeIt4Me 6.3 User Guide PDF (9.6MB)

TypeIt4Me 5.5 User Guide PDF (13MB)

TypeIt4Me 5.4.11 User Guide PDF (12.6MB)

Pre-cooked Snippet Sets

Want to hit the ground running? Here are some ready-made .typeit4me snippet sets we’ve prepared for you. Just download, unzip, then double-click the files to open them in TypeIt4Me.


Common words with accented letters:
Accented words (50 snippets)


Emoji smileys, reactions, animals, objects and more:
Emoji (900+ snippets*)

*Please note that the abbreviations are in the :emoji_name: format popularised by Slack and other platforms. If you have selected the colon and/or underscore characters as triggers in your expansion preferences you’ll need to change these emoji abbreviations in order for them to work when typed.)

Useful web coding snippets:
HTML & CSS (87 snippets)


Correctly capitalised brands, products and tech:
Popular Brands, Products & Tech (90 snippets)


Copyright, trademark, currency symbols and others:
Symbols (23 snippets)