If you’ve run into a problem, check our searchable TypeIt4Me / TypeIt4Me Touch / sonorOS FAQ pages. Chances are someone has already run into the same issue(s) – so these pages likely contain documented solutions and useful information relevant to your situation. No luck? Use the contact form on this page to get in touch and we’ll reply ASAP – usually within 24 hours.

TypeIt4Me says “the licence code does not match the user name.” Help?

Restart your Mac and re-enter your details. Take care to paste in the user name and licence code exactly as supplied. Both are case sensitive.

TypeIt4Me has stopped working. How do I fix it?

Quit any apps that may have turned on Secure Input, which blocks TypeIt4Me expansion. Still stuck? Try re-granting TypeIt4Me’s accessibility permission in System Preferences.

What is my TypeIt4Me user name / licence code?

You can use your email address to look it up at FastSpring, our merchant of record. If it’s not there, get in touch with us using the Contact Us form on this page so we can help you.