TypeIt4Me Support FAQ

Questions, questions...

Yes, it’s pronounced “Type It For Me” and no, there is no recurring subscription charge. Certain questions and issues crop up a lot, so we’ve put this FAQ page together. You are welcome to contact the TypeIt4Me support team for help, but you might want to click the ? button in the app and search the user guide or consult these FAQs first. While we typically respond within 24 hours, it’s usually the quicker option. About 90% of the emails we receive follow these lines of enquiry, so it’s worth checking here.

Just the Facts...

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"What's my TypeIt4Me user name and license code...?"

If you’ve lost your user name and / or license code there are a few ways to retrieve them. Firstly, you can use your email address to look it up at FastSpring, our merchant of record. You might need to try a couple of alternative addresses, in case you used a different one than your main email account when purchasing TypeIt4Me.

Bear in mind, it’s possible you didn’t buy a license directly from us.

Already tried looking up your details at Fastspring and got nowhere? That could be because you purchased TypeIt4Me from a third party reseller and as a result you aren’t in our customer database. In the past we have partnered with BundleHunt and StackCommerce, for instance. Try searching your inbox for messages from these and other Mac software vendors, because they might have sent you receipt emails containing your license details. Don’t despair if nothing turns up; you are welcome to contact us for help and we’ll certainly do our best to assist you. However, it may not always be possible for us to locate your details, because some third parties don’t share customer records with us.

Check your purchase history with Apple.

Still nothing? It could be that you purchased TypeIt4Me from Apple’s Mac App Store, and as a result you don’t actually have a user name and license code – because that version doesn’t require one. If you can find a receipt email from Apple that shows you bought TypeIt4Me, you should be able to re-download it from the Mac App Store without paying again. You will, however, need to be logged in to the same account you originally used to purchase it. Alternatively, we can send you a free license code for the latest TypeIt4Me version, which isn’t on the Mac App Store but is available to download directly from our website. All you need to do is forward us proof of purchase from Apple. Get in touch with our TypeIt4Me support team using the Contact Us form on our support page so we can help you.