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Your TypeIt4Me snippets. On the move.

Wish there was a TypeIt4Me for iPad or iPhone? This is the next best thing. Get the TypeIt4Me Touch notepad app for iOS and iPadOS with inbuilt text expansion support.

Compose and share notes at lightning speed.

TypeIt4Me Touch is an iOS and iPadOS notepad app with built-in text expansion. When you type custom shorthand abbreviations of your choosing, TypeIt4Me Touch will instantly replace them with the longer snippets of text content that you’ve defined, without missing a beat. These snippets can include lengthy words, phrases, boilerplate texts, or even customisable date/time stamps.

Looking for TypeIt4Me for iPad and iPhone? TypeIt4Me Touch is as close as you can get.

TypeIt4Me Touch is a close relative of TypeIt4Me for Mac. While the iOS / iPadOS incarnation is a notepad app rather than a system-integrated text expander, text snippets created and stored in iCloud in the Mac TypeIt4Me app can be used in TypeIt4Me Touch on your iPhone or iPad – and vice versa. You can take your personal shorthand library with you everywhere you go, snug in your pocket.

Save time and avoid repetitive typing.

Find yourself writing the same phrases and paragraphs over and over? Build up a set of abbreviations and the full text snippets that they represent. TypeIt4Me Touch will save you time and keystrokes by automatically expanding them while you continue typing. As a bonus feature, it comes with a(n onscreen) keyboard extension that you can quickly switch to when typing in any other app, so your longer snippets and boilerplate texts can always be just a couple of taps away.


Help is at hand should you need it. If you can’t find an answer to your problem in the TypeIt4Me Touch help section or FAQ, drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers here. Whether it’s a technical hurdle you’d like to overcome or you’re after basic info, check the TypeIt4Me Touch FAQ.


TypeIt4Me Touch is yours to keep for a one-time purchase fee of $4.99 (USD). No subscription.