TypeIt4Me 6 licences

Purchase a TypeIt4Me license for a one-time payment and make version  6.x.x yours to keep forever (no subscription). Upon checkout, you will be emailed your matching TypeIt4Me user name and licence code for registering the app. The code will only work when used with the name supplied during checkout. If you are purchasing a licence for someone other than yourself (e.g. for a friend or family member, or on behalf of your boss) select “Gift purchase” and enter the intended licensee’s details. If purchasing for a team, get a group licence and enter the name of your team in the “Company” field.

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TypeIt4Me Single User Licence

For new customers. $19.99 USD / £19.99 / 19.99€

This TypeIt4Me license entitles a single named individual to install and use TypeIt4Me 6.x.x on all the Macs s/he owns and uses. For example, it permits use on an iMac at home, a MacBook on the move and another desktop Mac at the office. If any of those computers is shared with others and more than one person will be using the software, please purchase a group licence. Group licences are available with tiered volume discount pricing for groups of 5 or more users.

Apps available to purchase from Apple’s App Stores

The apps below are only available to purchase from the App Stores owned and operated by Apple, Inc. We have linked directly to their App Store listing pages. When you purchase these apps your transaction is with Apple, which acts as the vendor and later forwards us a percentage of the proceeds. If you have trouble purchasing, downloading or installing or you wish to request a refund, you will need to contact Apple for assistance via its support website.

TypeIt4Me Touch

TypeIt4Me Touch is a notepad app with built-in text expansion for rapidly composing notes on your iPhone or iPad.


Juice! will speak to warn you when power to your MacBook is interrupted or the battery charge is low.


Assign your own sounds to any of 36 common macOS system events. Customize alerts, mouse clicks, window dragging and more.