Black Friday Deal: Get 20% Off TypeIt4Me

Good news, everyone! 

We’ve emerged blinking from our hermetically sealed development chamber and briefly paused work on The Big, Difficult Project That Laughs in the Face of Self-Imposed Deadlines for just long enough to glance at the calendar. 

This reminded us that tomorrow is a red letter date in those parts of the world that hug late stage Capitalism close for some weird reason. We are of course Italian and don’t quite understand what Black Friday is all about, but we do love a good bandwagon and it’s been a while since we last had a flash sale…so let’s do this!

For a very limited time (i.e. until Saturday) you can get 20% off the regular cost of a TypeIt4Me 6 licence purchased through our website. Just remember to enter the code BLACKFRIDAY to apply the discount during checkout. Happy Venerdi Nero to all who celebrate.

Mac Apps, TypeIt4Me

Meet sonorOS, the app for assigning custom system sounds.

O hai! You may have wondered just what we’ve been up to for the past few months. Well, we’re back and we have news. In between stockpiling barrels of dried pasta and sitting incredulously in front of the telly watching the BBC Parliament channel we’ve been busy tinkering with a…
Mac Apps, sonorOS

TypeIt4Me 6.0 is now available.

Hello again, good people of the macOSphere. The big day is finally at hand. TypeIt4Me 6.0 is at last available for everyone to download. Beyond the customary code tune-up, cosmetic tweaks and performance improvements, this major version release brings a number of heavily requested new features and user interface refinements.…