Meet sonorOS, the app for assigning custom system sounds.

O hai! You may have wondered just what we’ve been up to for the past few months. Well, we’re back and we have news. In between stockpiling barrels of dried pasta and sitting incredulously in front of the telly watching the BBC Parliament channel we’ve been busy tinkering with a new software title. As we brace for the fast approaching dawn of a brave new era that will definitely not be like Mad Max, it brings us great relief to be able to unveil our latest offering for Mac users: sonorOS. 

sonorOS screenshot

So what does it do? sonorOS is an app for customising the sounds your Mac makes when you interact with the operating system. You can load up your own sound files to play when various common macOS events occur. If you want a special warning alarm to sound when your MacBook’s battery level drops below 10%, sonorOS can do that for you. If you’d like your Mac to chime on the hour, sonorOS will happily oblige – just feed it your favourite cuckoo clock MP3 files and you’re all set. The 36 available events range from pressing CAPSLOCK to clicking the mouse, to dragging windows, to opening menus and launching apps. You can even simulate the experience of your Mac chatting to you out of boredom like a sassy HAL 9000: simply drag a folder full of pithy soundbites and pre-recorded bons mots onto the “Your Mac is idle” event and your computer will blurt out a random zinger every few minutes when not much is happening. Alternatively, if that’s a little OTT for you, you could just opt for the sound of crickets chirping. Or stick with silence. It’s entirely up to you.

…Hold on a minute, though. This all sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it? It’s OK, you’re not experiencing a bout of déjà vu. You know how Doctor Who’s beloved immortal Time Lord sometimes regenerates at the end of a series, transforming into someone with the same memories, a different regional accent and a fresh face, ready for the next cycle of adventures? It’s a similar story here. Building on foundations first laid down way back in 1987 with the creation of iBeep2, sonorOS is effectively a reincarnation of our vintage Sounds4Fun app. That title was previously available for older, 32-bit systems but support for it eventually fell away as newer OS X iterations evolved and Apple upgraded the hardware to run them. Many of you have been sending us impassioned pleas for a renovated update, so we have at last heeded the call and sonorOS is our answer. 

While it’s not a like-for-like replacement of Sounds4Fun, sonorOS shares the same DNA and offers broadly similar functionality, albeit pared down and streamlined for the security-first Tim Cook age. sonorOS is a fully sandboxed, 64-bit app for macOS Mojave 10.14 and up: you can use it safely in the knowledge that it will never develop a mind of its own and take over your computer to wreak havoc. Of course, that does also mean that some of the old Sounds4Fun events – like typing – are not available in sonorOS. To make up for it we’ve added some new ones, slashed the price in half and given the app a slick chassis that supports Mojave’s Dark Mode. Can’t say fairer than that, can we? sonorOS is available now for just USD $7.99. The full list of all 36 system events it supports can be found on the product page. Have at it and let us know what you think.

TypeIt4Me 6.1 is Mojave ready. Get over 50% off a single user licence until 30/9.

Today’s the big day! Apple is all set to officially usher macOS 10.14 Mojave into the world and hoo boy we’re ready for it. As many of our hawk-eyed customers have noticed, we’ve just released TypeIt4Me 6.1. Not only does it run like a champ on the new operating system, but we’ve made some significant improvements and added support for Dark Mode. If you spend as much time burning the midnight oil as we do, we think you’ll appreciate the tenebrous new look; it’s much easier on the eye in dimly lit work dens.

TypeIt4Me running in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave

Oh and one more thing. How would you like to pick up a single user TypeIt4Me licence for only $9.85 USD / £9.85 / 9,85€ ? To celebrate our sixth TypeIt4Me software update this year and the arrival of macOS 10.14, for a limited time you can use the coupon code MOJAVE to get more than 50% off the usual $19.99 cost of a standard single TypeIt4Me licence.

During checkout, before clicking “Complete Order” type MOJAVE into the coupon field and press “Update Coupon” to apply a 10.14 discount. Head to our Fastspring store now to take advantage of this offer before it expires. [Edit: this offer has now ended.]

Time for us to get back to work. Hope you’re all hanging in there in these topsy-turvy times. All the best to you and yours.

–  Guy & Riccardo

Happy New Year!

We made it, guys! We’re in 2018 and we’re still in one piece! Hope you all had a good time last night and that your heads aren’t too sore today. This is just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has already scooped up a TypeIt4Me 6.0 licence; we hope it’s saving you lots of effort. The 60% off launch promotion has now ended, alas, but if you missed out, don’t despair: there are sure to be more flash sales and bargains to be had in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, we have just the ticket: another long-forgotten video we unearthed during a routine clear-out of our cobwebbed VHS vaults. A few years after Riccardo’s 1979 television debut in which he extolled the virtues of the Apple II, he scored his first and only acting gig. A talent scout gave him a box of 3.5″ floppies to appear in a 1985 Apple infomercial that was sent to computer retailers in the Benelux countries. Watch him totally nail the role of a roaming journalist in this little piece of history demonstrating the versatility and portability of an original Macintosh. Enjoy :)