Subscription? Nope.

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FAQ: You’re not planning to switch to a subscription-based model for TypeIt4Me are you?

No, a TypeIt4Me subscription model is not on the horizon. We’re well aware that other apps are going down that road, but that’s not how we roll. We have never seriously considered moving to a subscription model (compulsory or otherwise) and we have no plans to do so. As far as we can recall, in 30 years, we have only changed the standard full price twice: when we lowered it from $30 to $27 and when we lowered it again from $27 to $19.99.

What you can expect when you purchase TypeIt4Me directly from us:

When you buy a TypeIt4Me licence, the major version of the app you’ve paid for is yours to keep and use as you see fit, for as long as you like. The licence is generally good for about 3 years’ worth of free minor version (i.e. 6.x.x) updates, or sometimes even longer. Major paid upgrades come along roughly once every 3-5 years. Single user upgrade licences cost just $8.99 for all registered customers, no matter how long ago they originally purchased TypeIt4Me. We don’t force anyone to upgrade. Hopefully this will put any qualms you might have to rest.

That said, you should still bear in mind that Apple makes changes to macOS with each passing year. Some changes are fairly minor. Others may introduce major differences in the way the operating system works. Sometimes that means the version of TypeIt4Me you have will eventually stop working because it’s no longer compatible. To continue using it you may need to update the app to a newer version. If you paid for TypeIt4Me relatively recently, you may be able to update free of charge, but if it’s been several years an upgrade licence may be required.

A note about purchasing TypeIt4Me from third parties:

From time to time, we partner with third party resellers for special promotions. We might offer a special deal with StackCommerce, for example. Or you might acquire TypeIt4Me as part of a discounted bundle of apps. In cases like this, we reserve the right to charge an upgrade fee should you later decide to update your software to a newer version.