TypeIt4Me snippet sets

FAQ: What are snippet sets?

In TypeIt4Me, a snippet “set” is a file that contains a group of TypeIt4Me snippets. These sets are a way for you to organise and keep different groups or types of snippets separate, if you’re so inclined.

FAQ: How many entries can be added to each snippet set?

There is no specific limit. However, a large number of entries (i.e. thousands) will tend to slow things down a little on older Macs and bringing up the “Edit Snippet…” dialog may take a fairly long time.

FAQ: Why have many different snippet sets?

Many people use just a single set containing all of their snippets and that’s perfectly fine. Others like to switch between several different sets, each suited to a particular context. Here are a few examples of how you might use sets:

  • Switch between an “Office set” and a “Home set”.
  • Maintain a secondary “Spanish snippets” set for when you’re typing in that language.
  • Keep a separate “Code snippets” set that you only use when you’re programming.