Import TextExpander 5.x and CSV files

TextExpander 5.x import

This new feature may not matter to you if you’re already a longtime TypeIt4Me user, but it’s been requested a lot over the past year: drag & drop conversion and import of TextExpander 5.x snippets. Until now, getting TextExpander files into TypeIt4Me was a fiddly multi-step process. Version 6 makes importing TextExpander 5.x snippets much easier: just drag a .textexpander file straight onto the “Sets on this Mac” pane in the main TypeIt4Me app window and it will automatically be converted and added to the list. It can then be dragged across into the iCloud Drive / Dropbox / Google Drive pane if you so wish.

Screenshot of drag-and-drop TextExpander importThere are a couple of caveats: snippet labels will not be imported and TypeIt4Me can’t automatically convert snippets that use proprietary TextExpander syntax for things like fill-ins and date math. It may be necessary to manually edit such snippets and adapt them to use TypeIt4Me syntax in order for them to work properly. Fill-ins don’t have an exact equivalent in TypeIt4Me, but it may be possible to achieve similar results using “AutoCue” syntax.

CSV import:

If you have a CSV file you’ve exported from another text expansion app, the import process is the same as above: just drag it onto the “Sets on this Mac” pane. Again, some tweaking of snippets may be necessary.