Sounds4Fun 1.1 now available

Just when you thought it might never happen, we’re pleased to bring you a brand new version of Sounds4Fun with some added features and a couple of bugfixes.

New features:

  • Three new events have been added: cmd-X, cmd-C and cmd-V. Note that these work by watching you type the commands and they will trigger the associated sound even if no cut, copy or paste occurs. If the new events don’t appear in the list, backup then delete the Sounds4Fun folder in Application Support inside Library and re-install Sounds4Fun.

Bug fixes:

  • Sounds4Fun no longer sends iPhoto into a spinning beach ball when the mouse hovers in between the photos in a large collection
  • Trash sounds now also work on 10.6
  • The alert sound now also works on 10.6, but you might not hear a random sound on every beep as applications seem to cache and keep the first alert they play.

Et oui…le nouveau Mactylo est enfin arrivé !

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just put the finishing touches on the French localization of TypeIt4Me – or Mactylo as it’s known on the other side of La Manche – which will be available for download today.

The good news doesn’t end there; our Spanish-speaking friends can look forward to El TypeIt4Me joining it very soon. Stay tuned, amigos.