Dropbox and TypeIt4Me 5.5

FAQ: I’m about to update to TypeIt4Me 5.5 from an older version and am already using an abbreviations file stored in Dropbox. Anything I need to do first?

For a smooth transition to TypeIt4Me 5.5, make sure your abbreviations data file (“[yourfilename].typeit4me”) is in a folder named TypeIt4Me, inside your Dropbox folder.

Older versions of TypeIt4Me allowed for abbreviations to be stored anywhere on your Mac, but TypeIt4Me 5.5 works a bit differently and is stricter about where you keep them. It stores [snippet] abbreviations in one or more files (“sets”) which you can still name as you like, but which must be stored either:

  • in the default Sets directory in the TypeIt4Me Application Support folder of your library (for it to show up in the Sets on this Mac pane)


  • in a folder named TypeIt4Me inside your Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Google Drive folder (so it will show up in the remote sets pane when you activate your preferred sync option in Preferences)


  • in a shared network folder (you can specify the path by selecting the Other option in Sync Preferences)


If you’ve already updated and your abbreviations aren’t showing up in TypeIt4Me, don’t be alarmed, they’re perfectly safe. They’re just in a different place than the new TypeIt4Me expected, so it doesn’t see them yet. Do a Finder (not Spotlight) search for files ending in .typeit4me. Locate your existing abbreviations file in the list of search results and double click on it. This will automatically move it to the Sets folder and make it the active TypeIt4Me set. You can then move it back to Dropbox by first checking the Dropbox option in TypeIt4Me’s Sync Preferences and then dragging it from the Sets on this Mac pane across to the Sets in Dropbox pane in the main app window.