TypeIt4Me 5.1 (44) Released Today

Select Check for updates from the TypeIt4Me menu. If you purchased TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, the new version will show up in your updates list in a week or so, once Apple approves it.

New or changed features:

  • Added Show Duplicates.
  • Added warning when pasting clippings (cmd-v) would create duplicate(s).
  • In Edit Clippings window, cmd-F now moves keyboard focus to search field, cmd-L to clippings list.
  • Periodic file save now only happens if there are unsaved changes.
  • The position of the vertical split bar in Edit Clippings window is saved and restored.
  • Added the following 3 options, each requested by a single user:
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu noFadeEffectOnMainWindow -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu dontProposeContentsOfPasteboard -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu AddCmdQ -bool YES
    The above commands need to be typed in Terminal as there is currently no UI for them in the preferences.
  • Added “ALMOST EQUAL TO” (Unicode 2248) to set of punctuation signs (“.,+-~/”) that can precede numerals in abbs that expand number+suffix combos.
  • Users can now add more than one backspace symbols at the start of clippings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when launching TypeIt4Me when its preferences file has become corrupted.
  • Restored “Trigger on period(.) followed by another delimiter” functionality.

Firefox bug affecting TypeIt4Me and all text expanders fixed

A bug in Firefox can prevent any text expander, including TypeIt4Me, from observing keyboard input because “Secure Event Input” is enabled when a user enters a password but not always disabled when leaving the password field.

This bug was reported back in April 2010 and the Mozilla team have now provided a fix, available in the Firefox nightly build and in an upcoming beta release.

The above bug in Firefox and several other applications, including Quicken, is what prompted us to add a Growl notification every time TypeIt4Me detects that Secure Event Input has been enabled. This will alert the user that TypeIt4Me will no longer expand until Secure Event Input has been disabled.

If you see the Growl message and it isn’t followed by one to say that Secure Event Input has been disabled (once the password entry action is completed, for example), please make a note of what application you are using so we can report this to their developers.

If you do not have Growl installed, we would heartily recommend you install it as it can be very useful over and beyond the TypeIt4Me-related notification.

TypeIt4Me 4.2.1 released

New features:

  • TypeIt4Me now handles older as well as latest SpellCatcher XML export
  • TypeIt4Me now also Handles CR (return) in a similar way to TAB when expanding in spreadsheets

Fixed Bugs:

  • The clipboard is restored after expansion
  • TypeIt4Me no longer accepts older registration codes only to reject them later
  • Triggering expansion with TAB no longer leaves the first letter of the abbreviation behind
  • The contents of the clipboard are restored no matter what other modifiers are pressed on cmd-v