How is sonorOS different from Sounds4Fun?

Is sonorOS the same as the old Sounds4Fun app?

sonorOS is Sounds4Fun reborn and evolved. We took the old Sounds4Fun app, stripped it down and rebuilt it, kinda like the 6-million dollar man. It’s a 64-bit app that will run on modern-day Macs and the latest macOS. There’s a catch, though. Because it’s fully sandboxed and can’t ask for the Accessibility permission to control your computer our old Sounds4Fun app made use of, sonorOS doesn’t support quite so many sound events. Keyboard/typing sounds are mostly off-limits and some other old favourites like the Empty Trash sound event are no longer available to customise. On the plus side, we added a few new events, so you can have sounds play when your MacBook’s battery needs charging or Safari starts/finishes downloading a file. For good measure, we’ve also slashed the price of the app – and you’ll notice it sports a slick new dark mode. Yay!