Where did the sonorOS menu bar icon go?

I can’t see the sonorOS icon in my menu bar. Where’s it gone?

If you’re not seeing the sonorOS icon in your menubar, it’s likely due to one of three possible explanations:

Firstly, sonorOS may not in fact be running, in which case you simply need to relaunch it by double clicking it in your Applications folder (or clicking it in the dock if you keep it there).

Secondly, you may have specified in sonorOS’s preferences that the menubar icon should be hidden. Hold down the ctrl key and click on sonorOS in your dock, then navigate to Preferences. In the “Icon display” section, make sure that either the “Menu bar” or “Dock & Menu bar” option is selected.

The third possibility is that – though it’s still running – sonorOS’s icon is being hidden because the menubar has become crowded and there are a lot of other items displayed to the right of it.

Menubar overcrowding can come about when your screen is not wide enough to accommodate all your icons as well as all the menu options for the current application in use. Fortunately, there are ways to save space and mitigate this. You could, for example, go into ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Users & Groups’ > ‘Login Options’ and change the fast user switching menu to display as ‘Icon’ or ‘Short name’ instead of ‘Full name’. Another space saving trick could be to change the way the date and time are displayed. If you’ve tried both of these and there still isn’t enough space for you to see the sonorOS icon, you could also quit some other less frequently used apps that perhaps live in your menubar and then relaunch them so that the sonorOS icon moves further over to the right and will be more likely to remain visible at all times. In macOS Mojave, it’s also possible to move the sonorOS icon directly to a new position by holding the cmd key and dragging the icon to where you want it.