My date and time snippets have stopped expanding properly. How do I fix this?

Issue: date snippets expanding as raw syntax like %b %e, %Y instead of producing the date.

When this happens it’s usually because the affected snippets were originally created in an older version of TypeIt4Me. Older versions used a different format for defining date and time. Occasionally, something can prevent old syntax in your snippets from updating automatically when you move to a new TypeIt4Me version.

Newer versions of TypeIt4Me put opening and closing symbols around date and time syntax, like this ⊢%b %e, %Y⊣. The ⊢ and ⊣ symbols mark the start and end of the date, creating a container around it. This is so that you can, for example, apply rich formatting to it without it coming out wrong. It prevents the formatting from “spilling over” and being inadvertently applied to adjacent content when the date expands.

Fortunately, it’s quite straightforward to get your affected date / time snippets working again. Edit them and use the Insert menu to redefine the date / time, replacing the old syntax with the newer format.

Screenshot of a TypeIt4Me date snippet with the new syntax format