Legacy versions of TypeIt4Me

FAQ: Does TypeIt4Me work under Classic / Panther / Tiger / Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion?

Older versions did of course, but these are no longer in development as we must look to the future and focus on the more recent macOS platforms in order to keep pace with the evolution of Apple hardware. Things have moved on quite a bit in the last ten years… We know it hurts, but it might be time to mothball that Macintosh SE/30 :)

If your Mac can’t run at least Mavericks 10.9 you can still download older versions of TypeIt4Me. For Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.6, you should download TypeIt4Me 5.2.1. If you’re still running 10.4 or even older versions of OS X, you’ll need to download TypeIt4Me 4.2.1 instead. Please understand that these versions are obsolete and you may encounter bugs that have since been fixed in more recent versions. We can’t revisit older versions to fix them.

FAQ: Can I use an abbreviations file created in the Classic TypeIt4Me with more recent macOS versions?

Yes you certainly can, just double click the file and it should open in the latest version of the software (assuming you’ve installed it). You may want to bear in mind that once the old abbreviations file is converted to the new format it can no longer be used with the Classic version (i.e. it’s a one-way transfer only).