What’s up with the Mac App Store version of TypeIt4Me?

FAQ: Can I buy TypeIt4Me 6 from the Mac App Store?

Unfortunately, no. We’d love to make it available there, but Apple won’t let us upload TypeIt4Me 6 to the Mac App Store because it’s not sandboxed. You can still buy an older TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, but Apple no longer allows us to update that version (except to fix bugs and stuff that might be broken). The difference between the Mac App Store TypeIt4Me and our direct sale TypeIt4Me (6.x.x) is explained here.

FAQ: Why hasn’t the Mac App Store version been updated to 6.x.x?

We’re not allowed to submit major updates to the Mac App Store, sadly. As explained in the previous answer above, you can still buy an older TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, but Apple no longer permits us to change it (except to fix broken stuff). This is because it’s not sandboxed and while there are non-sandboxed apps like ours in the store, Apple no longer accepts new ones. TypeIt4Me entered the Mac App Store many years ago, before Apple introduced its policy on sandboxed apps. They’ve allowed it to remain in the store, on the condition that it stays more or less as it is.

FAQ: How do I upgrade from the Mac App Store version to TypeIt4Me 6?

If you recently purchased TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store and you’d like to migrate to the direct sale version of TypeIt4Me (6.x.x), you are welcome to switch free of charge. Just send us a copy of your receipt from Apple as proof of purchase and we’ll issue you a free licence. Once you’ve received a new licence code from us, you can delete the Mac App Store app from your Applications folder and install the version from our website in its place. Launch it, click on the “License” button, paste in your registration details and you’re done.

FAQ: Can I download a free trial of the Mac App Store version?

No, sorry. The free TypeIt4Me trial available from our website is for TypeIt4Me 6.x.x. By all means, feel free to take it for a spin, but please be aware that it includes some newer features that aren’t available in the Mac App Store version.