What is TypeIt4Me for?

FAQ: How might I use TypeIt4Me?

How you use TypeIt4Me will depend on who you are and what you often find yourself writing. It’s popular with doctors, transcriptionists, lawyers, customer support teams, coders, journalists, authors and bloggers.

Things TypeIt4Me can help you knock out more quickly include:


  • people’s names, email addresses and other contact details
  • commonly repeated phrases
  • awkwardly lengthy / difficult-to-spell medical terms
  • boilerplate clauses for legal contracts
  • “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” IT support replies


It can be particularly useful for entering repetitive data in a database file or spreadsheet, or for anyone who finds him or herself frequently typing the same things over and over.

Many people find TypeIt4Me useful for speedily inserting the current date and a return address when composing letters. It’s handy for email sign-offs, too. For example, you might type just br to get:
Best regards,
Jon Appleseed.