What is TypeIt4Me?

What does TypeIt4Me do? What kind of app is it?

TypeIt4Me is a text expander. Text expansion is on-the-fly substitution of short typed abbreviations with longer ‘snippets’ of content that they represent. These snippets can be lengthy words, phrases, boilerplate texts, date stamps or even pictures. Type a shorthand abbreviation of your choosing pretty much anywhere and it will ‘expand’ as if by magic. TypeIt4Me will instantly replace it with a corresponding snippet that you’ve defined, so that you don’t have to type the whole thing out manually. “Type It For Me” – get it?

TypeIt4Me was the very first utility of its kind developed for the Mac platform, predating similar apps like TextExpander, Typinator and aText by many years. Once installed and launched, TypeIt4Me runs quietly in the background to help you type with increased speed and accuracy. It can greatly accelerate your typing because it reduces the number of times your fingers need to hit the keyboard. It can also significantly cut down the number of mistakes you make, because you won’t have to type out as many full words. Moreover, you can set it up to look out for and correct words that you commonly mistype. Watch it quickly replace your custom defined abbreviations with longer blocks of text content and / or pictures, immediately as they are typed.

If you often find yourself typing the same things over and over, TypeIt4Me is the app for you. Text expansion offers huge time savings and can boost productivity. Not only that, but it can really reduce frustration if you’re a one-finger typist. Start by building up a set of abbreviations and the full text or image snippets that they represent. TypeIt4Me will save you time and keystrokes by expanding them for you while you continue typing, without missing a beat. This works seamlessly across your Mac, in almost any app in which you can type.

Screenshot of TypeIt4Me, the text expander for Mac