What is TypeIt4Me?

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What does TypeIt4Me do? What kind of app is it?

TypeIt4Me is a text expander. Text expansion is essentially on-the-fly substitution of short typed abbreviations with longer ‘snippets’ of content, which can include lengthy words, phrases, boilerplate texts or even pictures. Wherever you type a shorthand abbreviation of your choosing, TypeIt4Me will instantly replace it with a corresponding snippet that you’ve defined.

The very first text expander developed for Mac OS, TypeIt4Me is an app designed to accelerate your typing by rapidly replacing your custom defined abbreviations with longer ‘snippets’ of text and / or pictures as you go. Once installed and launched, it silently runs in the background to help you type more quickly and accurately.

Find yourself typing the same things over and over? Build up a set of abbreviations and the full text / image ‘snippets’ that they represent. TypeIt4Me will save you time and keystrokes by automatically expanding them while you continue typing. This works systemwide, in any app in which you can type.