Bring up a floating search window.

New in TypeIt4Me 6.0 is the ability to assign a hotkey to bring up a snippet search window that floats over the app in which you’re typing. Can’t remember the abbreviation you defined for your work address? Just hit the search hotkey and type part of your address into the floating search field (or perhaps the word “address” if that’s what you labelled the snippet). Use the arrow keys to move through the list of results and hit the return key to insert the snippet you want. To dismiss the search window without expanding anything, just press the hotkey again. It works as a toggle.

Screenshot of the floating snippet search windowNB: this search feature only works when you have TypeIt4Me set to *not* show in the Dock. If you have set TypeIt4Me to be displayed in your Dock but you want to be able to use the snippet search window, first you need to go to Preferences > General and in the “Icon display” section select “Show TypeIt4Me in: Menu bar” (click the middle radio button). Then go to Preferences > HotKeys and you’ll be able to assign a “Search snippets” key to bring up the search window.