TypeIt4Me 7 is on the way. Beta test volunteers wanted!

Hello, hello. We have news to impart.

If, like we did*, you recently slipped out to the bookies to place a bet on a major new version of the Mac community’s most stalwart text expander being unveiled this summer, you’re in luck!

We’ll skip the customary glib preamble reflecting on the increasingly bleak outlook for western civilisation and get straight down to it: TypeIt4Me 7.0 is almost ready for its close-up. First, though, we need you to help us polish the final development builds.

You may or may not recall that a while ago, in an ill-advised moment of hubris that immediately jinxed us, we coyly teased that a juicy new TypeIt4Me release was imminent. Well, 18 months or so later, after a few false dawns, it really is getting close.

The next major version of our flagship app is at last fully functional and it’s been 0️⃣ days since a mystery bug in the latest test build prompted us to lie down in a dark room, rueing our chosen vocation.

No, seriously, though, our inner QA circle has been kicking and slapping TypeIt4Me 7.0b for the last few months and it hasn’t disgraced itself so far. The bottom line is it’s generally stable and ready for wider scrutiny. We’re reasonably confident we’ve now ironed out most of, if not all, the troubling kinks.

It’s not lost on us that some of you have been itching to try the beta since we jumped the gun and teased it early last year. Just so you know: we really appreciate both your enthusiasm and your patience. Thanks for bearing with us.

If we haven’t already sent you a TestFlight invitation and you’d like to volunteer your testing services, please leave a comment here or drop us an email via our contact page. All help will be gratefully received.

Summer is Coming

Hey, everyone.

It’s been a little while, already, hasn’t it? Somehow, time has flown past and the clouds have even parted to allow some sporadic sunshine through here in the UK. No, really! Anyway, we’ll keep this short, given that everyone is probably glued to the WWDC live stream right about now, hoping for a glimpse of Apple’s forthcoming face-mounted reality distortion field.

You may remember a while back we mentioned a hefty project that we hoped would be ready to share with you before long. Well, regretfully, we’ve had a few setbacks in the interim that have hampered development somewhat.

Due to events outside of our control – compounded by the occasional self-inflicted pain point we probably should have anticipated – we’re still not ready to take the wraps off The Thing We’re Working On. It’s mostly done, but not quite there just yet…and, uh, who would be so reckless as to buckle under pressure and rush something ambitious but half-baked out into the wild?