Meet sonorOS, the app for assigning custom system sounds.

O hai! You may have wondered just what we’ve been up to for the past few months. Well, we’re back and we have news. In between stockpiling barrels of dried pasta and sitting incredulously in front of the telly watching the BBC Parliament channel we’ve been busy tinkering with a…
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Wanted: Sounds4Fun beta testers

Break out the confetti and party hats, because everyone’s favourite whacky noise-enabling Mac app will soon be 64. …64-bit that is: we’re updating Sounds4Fun for Mavericks and the latest generation of Macs. It’s not quite old enough to claim a pension or enjoy free bus travel just yet, though its…
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Sounds4Fun 1.1.1 released

Coming 24 hours or so after the 1.1 released on November 14, this .1 update fixes a number of minor bugs reported by users. If you find more or simply have suggestions for further improvements, please leave a comment here or email
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