SpeakMyTunes 2.0 is out now.

Yep, we like to keep busy. Hot on the heels of version 1.0’s debut less than a month ago, it’s our pleasure to announce that SpeakMyTunes 2.0 is available for download now. You can grab it straight from our website or, if you prefer, from Apple’s Mac App Store.

It was just a bit of fun when we launched it, but SpeakMyTunes has proven to be quite a hit. In a few short weeks our freeware song announcer for iTunes has been downloaded by thousands of music lovers across the globe. We’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response: your positive feedback and suggestions just keep pouring in. As you might expect, we’re pretty jazzed that people are enjoying SpeakMyTunes and finding it useful. Encouraged by your kind words and great ideas, we’ve gone on to add some spiffy new features. This is what’s new in version 2.0:

  • You can now compose your own announcement, by combining and reordering any of the available song information tags with custom phrasing you type yourself.
  • There are four new song information elements: Genre, Composer, Year and Comments.
  • Pausing iTunes during SpeakMyTunes announcements is now optional.
  • We’ve added an independent volume control for voice announcements.
  • The application icon can be displayed in the dock only, in the menubar only, or in both.
  • SpeakMyTunes has been localised for French, Spanish and Italian users.

That’s it for the time being. We hope you’ll get a kick out of these improvements – we’ve certainly enjoyed the challenge of implementing your requested features. Anyway, have fun tweaking SpeakMyTunes to your hearts’ content and keep the feedback coming. We love to hear your thoughts. Toodle pip…à bientôt…adiós…and arrivederci!

BigBen 2.0 now in the iTunes App Store

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally updated BigBen with some hi-res photos and professionally recorded chimes.

It now plays every quarter and correctly starts the chime on the hour, to end in time for the first bong to play as the clock strikes the hour.

Check it out here and tell all your friends.

TypeIt4Me 5.1(45) adds PPC support

A few users alerted me last week that 5.1 (44) no longer worked on their PPC (non-Intel) Macs.

Turns out that in order to compile for PPC, Xcode 3.2.6 now requires manual intervention to change the default setting, which is now Intel only.

Today, we replaced the TypeIt4Me binary included on the distribution disk image with a binary that supports PPC as well as Intel and will run on both Leopard and Snow Leopard:


Unless you are still using a PPC, non-Intel Mac, there is NO need to download this version which is otherwise identical to 5.1(44).

With Lion 10.7 coming later this summer, 5.1(45) may very well be the last PPC-friendly version and we may also be dropping Leopard support, focussing on Snow Leopard and Lion only.

NB This version now supports Command-Q to quit the app. If you prefer NOT to have this, open Terminal and paste in the following command:
defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu AddCmdQ -bool NO